Company Profile

-Valhalla Turrets is a defence engineering company in the field of Weapon Stations and Turrets.
-We have years of experience in designing all types of weapon stations and prototype production.
-We work with 12 Slovenian manufacturing companies with which we can work together to manufacture even the most demanding products in the field of weapon systems.
-All experts involved in projects have more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, electronics and mechatronics.
-Together with partners from the defence industry we can also offer services in the field of vehicle processing, upgrading, modernization and system integration.
-We are committed to helping our customers find engineering solutions that deliver immediate and long-term, bottom line results.

Combo rocket launcher 70mm and Javelin

57mm carousel magazine and loader

Valhalla Turrets is a proud member of
the Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster.

Linkless angular unattached system 30_35mm

Linkless attached system 30_35mm 

Company timeline


Company start up, first draft and conceptual designs


Design of Unmanned Robotic Vehicles.


Company officially starts operating as Strato s.p. implementing flexible business model, self-employment with the involvement of engineers and experts are used depending on the complexity and scale of the project.


-Valhalla Turrets brand is born.
-First official world presentation and launch of www.valhalla-turrets.com. 
-We become world known in the field of defence engineering.


-GOIS Association of Slovenian Defense Industries member.


-Launch of our TTD - Turret Technology Demonstrator for demonstration and test purposes.
-First public presentation at EUROSATORY 2016 in Paris.
-Official establishment of Valhalla Turrets d.o.o. to implement, organize and manage projects in the field of defence industry.
-Work on two conceptual designs for 30x173mm and 30x165mm Turret.

TTD - Turret Technology Demonstrator

Fully enclosed turret
Works without power (prepared for upgrade to electric drive and Connection options to the 24V vehicle routing)
Possibility of battery installation in the turret for night optical devices, triggering smoke grenades and coaxial machine guns
Made from top quality Slovenian armoured steel Protac 500 or similar
Robust bearing ring with internal gearing
All ammunition  located in the turret
Large quantity of ammunition ready for use
Twice as much spare ammunition
Ammunition in the attached box or in a box in the turret connected to the main gun by ammunition feed chute
Ammunition reloading from inside the vehicle
Vehicle installation in a few hours
Extremely easy system maintenance
Easy to use - 1 hour for basic instructions
Armoured protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3
The turret has a folding seat allowing the operator to stand or sit
Periscope on gunnerís hatch 360deg: Kent Periscopes K2LU20 Unity Vision Periscope
Smoke grenades
Bulletproof glass

How we made the demonstrator - scalable weapon system
in 5 months

We begin with the project on  15th of December 2015.
Design phase has been finished 1st of march 2016.
Transfer of documentation to production took place on 15th of march.
All together we designed and produced  65 turning parts, 43 milling parts and 115 sheet metal parts.
On 25th of may we assembled prototype.
7 engineers participated in design and analysys process.
Mechanical parts for the demonstrator has been manufactured in 15 Slovenian companies. 


-Production of first two Slovenian turrets for the world market
-Presentation at DSEI 2017 in London.



-Plans for remote control turret in the calibre 30x173
-Plans for mobile gun system in the calibre 57x348 / 14.5x114.