Asgard 300
dual control option turret 

The Asgard 300 RCT (Remote Control Turret) is operated by one or two person fully remotely from the vehicle. 
The Asgard 300 OMT (One Man Turret) is operated by one person from the turret.

All subsystems are identical and position of all components within the turret are the same. 
In addition to the tilt optical sensor , manned option can include standard gunner sight.
New armor steel bending technologies includes in order to minimize welding.



Main weapon (one of the following)

-2A42 (30x165)
-Zastava M89 (30x173)

Coaxial weapon (one of the following): 

-PKTM (7.62x54R)
-Zastava M86 (7.62x54R)
-HK121 A1 (7.62x51)
-FN M240C (7.62x51)


Ammo ready for use

30mm: 320 rounds
7.62mm: up to 2000 rounds 

Smoke Grenades

up to 16 tubes (66mm or 76mm)


-Length: 2100mm
-Width: 1950mm
-Height: 590mm
-Weight: 1300Kg + (depend on level of armor protection)
-Slewing Ring diameter: 1560mm
-Elevation: +72deg (minimum hull intrusion)/-13deg
-Traverse: N x 360deg
-Traverse speed: 1rad/sec
-Elavation speed:1rad/sec
-Armor protection: STANAG 4569 level 1 or 2 (with add-on plates level 3)
-Power supply: 28V DC MIL-STD-1275 B
-Stabilization: Dual-axis gyrostabilized

Gunner's Sight

LaZ 200L or LaZ 300L


-High survivability,low silhouette
-Coaxial machine gun fully integrated within the gun cradle
-Suitable for vehicle upgrades and new vehicles
-Hunter-Killer option
-All ammunition and weapons inside of a turret
-Under-armor reload capability
-Basic maintenance from the vehicle
-Remote control turret can be manually operated in all scenarios.