MBT Combat Modules

MBT Combat Modules convert specific role of 2nd and 3rd generations of MBT in to the modern and effective combat system ready for all kind of challenges of asymmetric warfare. They had been designed as add-on modules for T-72, M-84, T-80, T-90, Type XY (China MBT) and with additional adjustment optional for M60 ,Leopard 1 and other NATO types of MBT. With delivering additional extensive fire power and enabling crew to simultaneously engage target in up to 3 directions, they largely increase urban warfare capabilities.

With variety of weapons they as well enable crew to choose right weapon for different type of targets and huge amount of ammunition allows long endurance of direct engagement. Modular type design allows easy installation on MBT in field workshop environment  while primary role of MBT and main gun (125mm /120mm) stays intact.
With low price they represents affordable alternative to extremely complex and expensive special design upgrades that requires removal of MBT turret.



Magni - Dual turret MBT Upgrade System


Lenght: 1300                   
Width: 2700
Height: 520
Height overall: 1250

Secondary gun station

Main Weapon (one of the following)

-Zastava M55 (20x110) 
-Rheinmetall KAE (20x128)
-2A14 (23x152)

Ammunition ready for use


Elevation: +52deg/-20deg
Traverse: 90deg

Commander weapon station

Main Weapon (one of the following)

-FN M240C (7.62x51)
-Zastava M86 (7.62x54R)
-PKMT (7.62x54R)

Ammunition ready for use


Elevation: +70deg/-20deg
Traverse:  360deg