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VALHALLA TURRETS is an engineering company, specialising in the development of new-generation remote-controlled weapon system solutions for the present and future challenges in the Defence and Security sector.

With a proven track record in engineering and manufacturing small and large remote-controlled weapon systems, we collaborate with several leading European defence contractors in the role of a development partner.

By maintaining a lean organisation and using the latest PLM and CAD/CAM engineering tools, our experienced engineering team offers the flexibility for a quick turn-around and cutting-edge solutions, tailored to your requirements. This includes our top-of-the-line and fully digital fire control systems and optical solutions, developed in close collaboration with our local partner. VALHALLA has also partnered with several providers from the Slovenian Defence Industry cluster to provide the manufacturing capabilities and know-how in innovative materials, technologies and manufacturing methods.

Our product range includes innovative remote-controlled turrets, weapon stations, launchers and ring mounts. VALHALLA offers services and support to our customers in different stages of product development:

modelling, FEA analyses, digital twin
proof-of-concept development for feasibility testing
development, engineering, manufacture and validation of product demonstrators and prototypes
pilot runs and serial production


Technology demonstrator
Midgard 127 Mk1
Asgard 300
Midgard 300 Mk1
Midgard 127 Mk2
Midgard 300 Mk2
Desert Spider 57
Midgard 300 Mk3
LuWa 27mm