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The Remote Controlled Weapon Station MIDGARD is suited for small and medium-sized vehicles (4x4, 6x6, 8x8) and is capable of integrating different weapons and sensors.

This robust, low profile and lightweight platform can be equipped with weapon options from 12,7 - 30x 113mm cannon and a variety of Optical sight 4systems to support the highest possible precision.

It is ready for lower or higher recoil canon and supports a 7.62mm coaxial weapon, ATGM missile, and a variety of other missiles and effectors. The modular and flexible platform also enables support for possible upgrades such as air missile surface.

The station is designed for operation in various conditions and it allows the user to operate with great precision and engagement.  Due to the modular design, 90% of all components are interchangeable regardless of the main weapon to best suit the user and the mission.

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