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Offering accurate firepower from a light stabilized platform the Remote Controlled Weapon Station NIMROD is ideally suited for small and medium-sized vehicles. It is intended to bridge the gap between weapon stations and heavy gun turrets, offering high precision and superior engagement ranges.

The platform is highly modular - it can be equipped with a 25mmx137 or 30mmx173 cannon and the sensors can be selected to offer the best possible value or performance depending on operational needs and budget.

The platform can pack the full punch from the 30mmx173 caliber, allowing for engagements up to 3,000m. This caliber offers the use of a wide range of ammunition types such as the anti-armor APFSDS-T round that provides ample armor penetration against current and future battlefield threats. If all up station weight is critical the 25mmx137 caliber can be integrated. This configuration still offers engagement ranges up to 2500m. A CoAx machine gun can be fitted and space is provided for an anti-tank missile of choice.

The station is equipped with a state-of-the-art electro-optical sensor unit, which allows for quick target acquisition and visual identification. In its base configuration, the sensors offered are balanced to utilize the full potential of the cannon range and firepower. The modular design allows for selecting the ideal protection level and sensor suite, based on mission needs and priority.

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