MIDgard 300
Remote Control Weapon Station

The Midgard 300 is a single or dual weapon  RCWS operated by one person fully remotely  from the vehicle and provides ground and air  fire support for all type of Armored Vehicles.

Weapon station is available in several configurations - depending on customer requirements.



AEI Systems Venom 30
Calibre: 30mm x 113
Single belt feed
Rate of fire-operator selectable:
-Max rate of fire: 1200-1400 rounds/min
-Standard rate of fire: 200-240 rounds/min
-Single shot
Muzzle velocity: 780-800m/s
Effective range: up to 2000m

Ammo ready for use

200 rounds

Smoke Grenades

6x76mm fixed tubes


Length: 800mm
Width (station only): 650mm
Height (station only): 790mm
Swing radius: 1270mm
Weight without ammunition: 390kg
Elevation: +75deg /-23deg
Elevation speed: 1mrad/sec - 1rad/sec
Traverse: n x 360deg
Traverse speed: 1mrad/sec - 1rad/sec
Laying accuracy: <1mrad

 Power supply MIL-STD1275-B
Stand by: 150W/nominal 24V DC
Average: 600W/nominal 24V DC
Maximum: 1150W/nominal 24V DC  

EO-Sight and fire control: Rheinmetall LaZ 200L
Super-elevation: optional
Automatic target tracking: optional
Stabilization: 2-axis gyro 


Extremely robust design  
Very affordable
No vehicle penetration
Armor protection: STANAG 4569 level 1 or 2  
Scalable solution  
Last round warning
In an emergency weapon station can be manually operated.
Coaxial weapon 7,62mm x 51/54 calibre on customer request  
(up to 1100 rounds available)  

Anti-Drone operations (hi-elevation and great max. rate of fire)
Integration with non-kinetic AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System) deliver unmatched mobile counter UAS capability against  swarm of drones

One Man Turret

Supports multiple weapons in medium size caliber.
The Hel LTT (Light Tactical Turret) is operated by one person in the turret and provides ground fire support for Light Armored Vehicles and MRAP Vehicles. 
Turret is available in several configurations-depending on customer requirements.



Main weapon (one of the following)

-Rheinmetall KAE (20x128)
-KPVT (14.5x114)  
-Zastava M02 Coyote (12.7x108)  

Coaxial weapon (one of the following)

-FN M240C (7.62x51)
-Zastava M86 (7,62x54R)
-H&K MG-5 (7.62x51)

Ammo ready for use:

20mm: 200 rounds
7.62mm: 1000 rounds
14.5mm: 280 rounds
7.62mm: 1000 rounds
12.7mm: 400 rounds
7.62mm: 1000 rounds 

Smoke Grenades

5 fixed tubes


-Length: 1530mm
-Width: 1400mm
-Height: 635mm
-Weight: 700Kg + (depend on level of armor protection)
-Elevation: +55deg/-10deg
-Traverse: 360deg
-Armor protection: STANAG 4569 level 1 or 2 (with add-on plates level 3)
-Armor material: Armas Protac 500, 600 or Protac Special
-Power supply: 24V DC (battery or vehicle power supply - no slip ring in basic configuration) 
-Anti-spall Liners: optional
-Smoke extraction through double fan system

Aiming optionS:

-Direct optical system
-Day/Night EO
-Day/Night EO/IR
-Sabre Ti Gunner's Sight

Visual options:

-Periscopes: 3x K2LU20 Unity Vision Periscope (optional 5)
-Vision Blocks: 8x vision block - 360deg AGP Edge Plus)


-Excellent replacement for 40/50 type of turrets
-Turret has electric drive for azimuth and electric or manual system for elevation
-Highly reliable and easy to operate
-All ammunition and weapons inside of a turret
-All reloadingís and services under the armor
-Very affordable price
-Non-demanding training for combat use
-Extremely easy to install and maintain
-Low weight makes it feasible for amphibious applications
-Tuuret's Locking System to any angle or direction).


Asgard 300
dual control option turret 

The Asgard 300 RCT (Remote Control Turret) is operated by one or two person fully remotely from the vehicle. 
The Asgard 300 OMT (One Man Turret) is operated by one person from the turret.

All subsystems are identical and position of all components within the turret are the same. 
In addition to the tilt optical sensor , manned option can include standard gunner sight.
New armor steel bending technologies includes in order to minimize welding.



Main weapon (one of the following)

-2A42 (30x165)
-Zastava M89 (30x173)

Coaxial weapon (one of the following): 

-PKTM (7.62x54R)
-Zastava M86 (7.62x54R)
-HK121 A1 (7.62x51)
-FN M240C (7.62x51)


Ammo ready for use

30mm: 320 rounds
7.62mm: up to 2000 rounds 

Smoke Grenades

up to 16 tubes (66mm or 76mm)


-Length: 2100mm
-Width: 1950mm
-Height: 590mm
-Weight: 1300Kg + (depend on level of armor protection)
-Slewing Ring diameter: 1560mm
-Elevation: +72deg (minimum hull intrusion)/-13deg
-Traverse: N x 360deg
-Traverse speed: 1rad/sec
-Elavation speed:1rad/sec
-Armor protection: STANAG 4569 level 1 or 2 (with add-on plates level 3)
-Power supply: 28V DC MIL-STD-1275 B
-Stabilization: Dual-axis gyrostabilized

Gunner's Sight

LaZ 200L or LaZ 300L


-High survivability,low silhouette
-Coaxial machine gun fully integrated within the gun cradle
-Suitable for vehicle upgrades and new vehicles
-Hunter-Killer option
-All ammunition and weapons inside of a turret
-Under-armor reload capability
-Basic maintenance from the vehicle
-Remote control turret can be manually operated in all scenarios.